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To all those who wants to repost my articles

I have been getting requests from some readers, asking for permission to repost my articles to there blogs. I want to clarify few things before answering this .

1. The purpose I creates roshanbook, was to put all my research, solutions i came across while solving problems faced by me in my day to day activities. So that when i have to redo anything, i don’t have to refer to google again and again.

2. Thus contents here is aggregate of solutions, which i found working . So many a times posts like this are direct rip from different websites and forums and many a times post like this are direct solution from my side.

3. I don’t claim any copyright of any of my content and obviously neither on the rip off articles.

Thus to answer your request, Yes you can surely use any of the content from my posts as you like untill the original poster of the articles(in case of rip off articles) don’t mind.

Thanks for your love.

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