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Short course on Aptitude package manager

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install software for your system, with needed dependencies as well:

sudo aptitude install

remove packages as well as orphaned dependencies:

sudo aptitude remove

remove packages and orphaned dependencies, as well as any configuration files left behind:

sudo aptitude purge

search for packages in the local apt package lists:

sudo aptitude search package-name

show details about a package:

sudo aptitude show package-name

update the local packages lists:

sudo aptitude update

upgrade any installed packages that have been updated:

sudo aptitude upgrade

upgrade packages, even if it means uninstalling certain packages:

sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

delete only out-of-date packages, but keep current ones:

sudo aptitude autoclean

delete any downloaded files necessary for installing the software on your system:

sudo aptitude clean

fix a package at it’s current version, and don’t update it:

sudo aptitude hold

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