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Magento Product imgae not uploading

There are several speculations for the problem of product image not uploading in Magento. Solution that worked for me is by reducing the image size to 150kb. I have a shared hosting account and uploading file size limit is there.
In addition to that in your .htaccess file change “php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off” to php_flag magic_quotes_gpc ON


Rim needs an awesome product first before every other marketing efforts. This ain’t going to happen without the people responsible for developing it having faith in you


Research in Motion’s (s rimm)declining fortunes have been well documented. It is losing momentum in sales as consumers drift to other platforms like iOS (s AAPL) and Android (s GOOG). More recently developers have started to back off the platform, saying it’s not worth their effort. And now there are signs that the workforce is restless and concerned, potentially on the verge of losing hope.

In an open letter sent to BGR, an unnamed senior exec lays out in painstaking detail where the company has gone astray and what it needs to get back on track. Though the post ends on a hopeful note, it is littered with doubt and fears, alternating with anger at the squandered opportunities the company has had.

It is not surprising given the state of the company, but it shows how precarious things have gotten for RIM. RIM responded with a statement that…

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