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Introduction to creating desktop applications with PHP and Titanium


Excerpts : 

What tools do you need ?

  • Download and install the Titanium DeveloperThe download and installation procedure has been discussed at length in the Titanium documentation in a simple and understandable way and even the steps on creating a new project and hence I am not putting the same here. I am assuming that you will download and comeback right here to know what next.
  • Text Editor with HTML / PHP syntax highlighting – If you are a web developer then you can’t be alive without one. Use your favorite.

On my Ubuntu 10.04 I got an error like : symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/lib-something: undefined symbol: something:

I did this to get rid of it :

– cd ~/.titanium/runtime/linux/1.0.0 if you install in your home dir.

or if you install in /opt/titanium/runtime/linux/1.0.0

– rm libgobject* libgthread* libglib* libgio*

Ready ?  What next ?

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3 responses to “Introduction to creating desktop applications with PHP and Titanium

  1. Dr. Tarique Sani February 28, 2012 at 9:05 am

    Copy pasting an entire blog post even after giving the source is infringement of Copyright. This blog post is originally from my company’s website. Please remove it. You may however quote a part of the post with a link to the original post.

  2. coderoad March 10, 2012 at 5:45 am

    Dear Dr. Tarique,
    Please accept my apologies, if your interests are hurt. Actually I have assembled this blog to bring the solutions I find over the web at one place. I respect your rights and will edit the post accordingly.

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