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My Tech Notebook

Habits are hard to change

Habits are hard to change. What happened and what I am planning to do, is something I need to write down now, otherwise I would not be able to focus correctly.

1. I have created a website on django. It is running successfully on my system, but running it on hostgator has turned out to be nightmare for me. So much so, that now we are planning to buy activecollab to do the work, i have developed. Reason, we already have hosting space for 3 years on hostgator and wasting that money does not make any sense.

2. Now I have to devleop new website and my hosting provider limitation force me to develop the website in zend.

My Learning’s and plan

1. I could learn a language pretty fast and develop something in it

2. I should work on official documentation for learning new languages and framework than book

Come Zend lets see you


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