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Setting up rancho in django

Follow instructions listed in here

Installing psycopg2 :

Installing mysqldb –

to install dependencies inside virtual env:

install virtuaev -pip install virtualenv
install python image library-
pip install --no-index -f -U PIL
install mysqldb- pip install MySQL-python
install pytz - pip install pytz
install pisa - pip install pisa

Go to wikiboard view change ho.pisa module to xhtml2pdf.pisa

add ’django.middleware.csrf.CsrfResponseMiddleware’, to settings

add mysql only as database setting

install all rancho needed module via sudo easy_install modulename

When you implement the project you get an error where you are unable to upload and message under any project. To solve this refer

Patch is at


To resolve tinymce>> error – cannot import smart_unicode

see patch

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