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Running yacy on ubuntu

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YaCy is an open source, decentralized search engine which allows users to run their own instances of search engines without being tracked by someone else or being controlled by totalitarian governments.

It is extremely easy to install YaCy in Ubuntu or other debian based systems. First you need to add YaCy repository to your system, open the terminal and run this command
sudo gedit /etc/apt/source.list

It will open the source list file in Gedit, at the end of the file copy paste this:
deb ./

save the file and close. Now go back to the terminal and run this command:
sudo apt-get update

Then install YaCy by running this command
sudo apt-get install yacy

It will start installing YaCy, it will prompt you to type ‘y’ for yes couple of times, then you will be greeted by this window which will create your PC as a peer to be used by YaCy. You can choose whatever name you want. Hit Enter

YaCy in Ubuntu

Then you will be greeted by this window asking your root password, enter the password.

Install YaCy in Ubuntu
The you can choose what kind of search engine you want. If you want general purpose internet search, like Google, choose freeworld. You can also enable search for specific sites (like Muktware) ONLy, by choosing webportal. Note: you wont get results from anyother side excepet for that one. S, if you want a general purpose search engine go for freeworld.

Install YaCy in Ubuntu
Since YaCy relies on Java, if will ask you to set initial memory for Java, just keep it what it suggest and hit enter, again a similar windows asking for maximum memory, keep the one suggested enter. Now you will be back to the terminal.

Install YaCy in Ubuntu

Install YaCy in Ubuntu

To run YaCy enter this URL in the browser


Install YaCy in Ubuntu

You will be running YaCy. Bookmark it or make it your home page!

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