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How to Get your Twitter and Facebook Stream inside Google+

This post was originally published at is trying to take on Facebook by launching a competitor with some awesome features which you won’t find in Facebook. Although, Facebook has tried to make Google+ down by launching a much needed feature Facebook Video Calling which is powered by Skype.Google Plus can give some tough competition to Twitter and Facebook if you’re addicted to Google+ and don’t want to leave it, at the same want to access twitter and Facebook on Google+ here is how.

CrossRider created two extensions for Google+, “Google+Facebook” and “Google+Tweet” which lets G+ users to view and access – Facebook updates, Tweets from Google Plus even you can posts updates on twitter and Facebook from Google+ it self.

How To Add Facebook Stream To Your Google+ Account:


1. Download and install Google+Facebook from any of Firefox/Chrome or Internet Explorer Browser.
2. Now sign into Google+ and Facebook button appears on top of the page  in navigation bar behind Home button.
3. Click it and further proceed to Connect to your Facebook account by clicking “F connect with Facebook” button and “allow“ the app to connect to your FB account to see your Facebook stream inside Google+.

You can now view all your Facebook updates and this extension also allows to share your status/ post updates to wall from Google plus it self .
Note: You’re giving Google+Facebook app to access Facebook data such as Basic Information, Post to Wall, Access posts in your News Feed and can access your data any time on Facebook. So be careful and you can always remove this app access by signing into your Facebook account.

How To Add Twitter Stream To Your Google+ Account:


Google+Tweet is a twitter client for Google+ allows to view your timeline, URL shortening, Photo and video sharing, and also translate tweets inside your Google Plus account.
1.Download and install 
Google+ Tweet for your desired browser to choose from – IE, Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers.
2. Sign into Google+ and click “Twitter” icon shown on top of the page behind Facebook button (appear if you installed and activated Google+ Facebook app), click it.
3 . Sign into your Twitter account and authorize this app to connect to your account via “oauth”.
4. After successful integration view your timeline on Google+.

Note: You’re giving this app permission to write data to your account on your behalf, so be careful again (this app can’t see  your twitter account password) and you can revoke access to this appany time from 
Apps Tab of your settings.




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