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Python tutorial 13–Strings

Common methods :

#string.upper() – This will change everything to upper case
#’This is a string {}’.format(42) –  will publish This is a string 42
# s.capitalize()- Publish in sentence case
#s.swapcase() -opposite case
# s.find(‘is’) – returns the postion
#s.replace(‘This’,’That’) – This is entirely dirreferen objetc that returns
#s.strip()- this removes white space from beginning and end
#s.rstrip() – removes white space from end of string
#s1.rstri(‘n’)- takes out only new line
#s.isalnum()-if checks it has only alphanumeric charactures
#s.isalpha()-checks only for alpha charcters, like a to z onle
#s.isdigit()- checks if only digit
#s.isprintable()- checks if all characters are printable


Format method

#s=”this is {},that is {}”.format(a,b)
#now you can do s.format(d,e) and this geenrates a new objetc which youc an save in a different vairable

# You can also specify as ‘this is {1} and that is {0}’.format(a,b))
# this will print this is b and that is a
# you can also use dictionary to rpint than postion like ‘this is {bob} and that is {fred}’.format(bob=a,fred=b)
# another way is to define dictionaly first d=dict(bob=a, fred=b) and then use ‘this is {bob} and that is {fred}’.format(**d)

# Splitting and joining stings
s= ‘This is string a strng of words’
#s.split() splits depending on white space i.e. [“This”,’is’,’string’,’of’,’words’
# to specify argument to splits
#words=split(‘i’)  # this gives strings with all i removed and words splitter on i character
#    joining   
# ‘,’join(words) # This will join back all the words
# docs for string methods :
# Python full library at


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