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Python tutorial 12.1- Classes Object


class Duck:   # Creation of Class
        def quack(self,x): # Creation of methods
            if self.x==”jhilam”:
                print(‘{} is depressive ‘.format(self.x))
            elif self.x==”rita”:
                print(‘{} , I Love You ‘.format(self.x))
            else: print(‘{} is Normal’.format(self.x))
        def walk(self,y):
            print(‘{} Walk’.format(self.y))

i = input(“Enter your name t”)




self is passed, means name donald is passed.It is the first argument of method. It happens due to dot operator.

def __init__(self,value):  #This is constructor

This value can be used inside class saving in a local variable self.v=value . This is called encapsulation

def __init__(self,value):


Practical use of encapsulation 

Here you are passing any variable inside class and saving it in a dictionary and retrieving it from dictionary


class Duck:
    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
    def quack(self):

    def walk(self):
        print(‘Walks like a duck.’)
    def set_variable(self,k,v):
    def get_variable(self,k):
        return self.variables.get(k,None)

def main():
    donald = Duck(feet=2)
    print (donald.get_variable(‘feet’))

if __name__ == “__main__”: main()


Methods in one class inheriting methods from other class


E.g. class Dog(Animal):  # Dog class inheriting parent class methods


class Animal:
    def talk(self):
        print(‘I have something to say’)
    def clothes (self):
        print(‘I have nice clother’)

class Duck(Animal): # Duck inherited Animal methods
    def __init__(self, **kwargs):
    def quack(self):

    def walk(self):
        print(‘Walks like a duck.’)
    def set_variable(self,k,v):
    def get_variable(self,k):
        return self.variables.get(k,None)

def main():
    donald = Duck(feet=2)

if __name__ == “__main__”: main()
#walk in child class override parent class
#to ingeritent from parent function just write super().walk(). And now both walk methods will work


# Polymorphism is using object of one class as if it is an object of another class

class Duck():
    def method1(self):

class Dog():
    def method1(self):
def main():

def in_the_forest(dog):

def in_the_pond(duck):

#Now if we pass duck in the forest, it gives back result of method1 of dog object#

in_the_pond(fido)# – now fido passed in the pond like duck and then fido method 1 is called

for o in (donald, figo):
# here we call all methods in both the objects

if __name__ == “__main__”: main()
#To use polymorphically common interface is reuired in both classes
# That is same methods in two classes
# Then define a for loop and call method of the objects

# any function that is present in the object can be run inside a different function expecting that object and its method regarding of what type of object it is.

# Generator object

# Overriding a class

# our own range object which will inclusive of last value
# we will override the initial propoerty of range class of excluding last item

class inclusive_range:
    def __init__(self, args):
        if numargs<1:raise TypeError(‘require at  least one argument’)
        elif numargs==1:
        elif numargs==2:
        elif numargs==3:
        else: raise TypeError(‘expected at least 3 arguments, got {}’.format(numargs))
    def __iter__(self): # makes object an iterable objetc
        while i<=self.stop:
            yield i
            i+=self.step # This makes it an iterator


def main():
        for i in o:print(i, end=”)
if __name__==”__main__”:main()


# Decorators – functions that return other functions. Modify the way function works

you can set functions of same name with different methods

Inside a class

@propertydef color(self):‘’color’,None)=c


def color(self,c):[‘color’]=c


def color(self):


now you can just create the object donald=Duck()

and without passing the color=’blue ’ inside duck you can just fix as donald.color=’blue’ (uses @properties)

print (“donald.color”)   This ultimately print the color from color.setter

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