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Python tutorial 11- Functions

use pass statement if you want nothing inside function


def testfunc():


You can pass multiple parameters inside python

Once you must pass all parameters when defined

You can also define a default value, for in case all arguments are getting passed

You can also assign value none for parameters, if you don’t want to give default value for parameter.

#To get arbitrary/optional number of arguments

def main():

def testfunc(arg1,arg2, *args):
    print(‘This is a test function’)

if __name__ == “__main__”: main()



args gives other values as tuple

It is immutable. No change, no addition

# passing a named parameters

def main():


def testfunc(**kwargs):

print(‘This is a test function’,kwargs[‘one’])

Kwargs are dictionary and arguments are passing from the caller as dictionary

Sequence of occurrence in a function – Named argument, Arbitary tuple argument and then Keyword arguments

i.e. arg1, arg2, *args, **kwargs

# return values from function

return- loop breaks

yield – that loop breaks and continue from next loop

# Sequence with generator function

Function that generates iterators in function


stop, when only one value

start default value 0

step default value 1


def inclusive_range(*args):


if numargs<1:raise typeError(‘requires at least one argument’)

elif numargs==1





elif numargs==2start=0




elif numargs==3


else: raise Typeerror(“atmax 3 arguments in range function”)


while i<=stop:

yield i



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