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Python tutorial 9–iterators and controlling loops

getting through data, one by one and doing something with it

For loop is designed to work with iterators

for line in fh.readlines():

print(line, end=’’)

In python all the container types are iterators

Common iterators

‘string’ – container that containers individual characters


Enumerating Iterators

for index,line in enumerate(fh.readliness()):

if c—‘s’  : print(‘index{} iis an s’.format(i))

# Controlling the loop through break and continue

Break – terminate the loop and come out of it

Continue – break one cycle of loop and continue from next loop


if c==’s’  : break/continues

# For else- code which runs once for loop is over. it also works as while else

for c in s:

            print (c,end=’’)


            print (‘else’)


One response to “Python tutorial 9–iterators and controlling loops

  1. Delena Adolphson October 17, 2011 at 7:27 am

    nice work, continue the great blog.

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