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Python Tutorial 1 Strings

Programming is just writing in a language which computer understands and through that giving computer instructions to perform certain tasks

escape operator to escape a quote. E.g. “don”t” will escape double quote before t.

n are used to print text in multiple lines

t for tab

“”” is used to write multiple lines of text

Concatenation – “jhon”+”rambo”  or “jhon” “rambo”

format specifier “John %s%s” % (“Every” , “man”)

John everyman

>  >  >  “%s %s %10s” % (“John” , “Every”, “Man”)
‘John Every          Man’
>  >  >  “%-5s %s %10s” % (“John” , “Every”, “Man”)
John     Every          Man
How It Works
In the first line of code, the word  Man  appears far away from the other words; this is because in your
last format specifier, you added a 10, so it is expecting a string with ten characters. When it does not
find ten (it only finds three . . .   M – a – n) it pads space in between with seven spaces.
In the second line of code you entered, you will notice that the word  Every  is spaced differently. This
occurs for the same reason as before — only this time, it occurred to the left, instead of the right.
Whenever you right a negative ( – ) in your format specifier, the format occurs to the left of the word. If
there is just a number with no negative, it occurs to the right.


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