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useful ubuntu resources

Change desktop environment

Upgrade firefox

Windows inside ubuntu

Uninstall google dektop
sudo dpkg -r google-desktop-linux

Compiz fusion

50 alternatives

installig xampp
uninstall lampp
rm -rf /opt/lampp

login to ubuntu classic

reset to default,443.0.html

opening a root terminal

Browse as root in ubuntu

Solid Way to upgrade Ubuntu
lsb_release -a
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y upgrade
sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade
sudo do-release-upgrade
Configuring Wine :

Shortcut List :

Increasing speed in linux :

Southcasr radio in rhytmbox:

Running Zend in linux last resort :
Another best way around

Installing lampp
note select space to select a package

uninstalling lampp
official guide :
Listening to all the ports
netstat -natp | grep LISTEN
to kill a process type kill and PID no


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